where to buy lashes wholesale?

If you want to buy Mink Lashes Wholesale , congratulation you find Emma Lashes to be your Lashes Wholesale Vendor , we are the best 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor and we are also supply Luxury Lashes in the market , such as 25MM Mink Lashes ,20MM Mink Lashes Wholesale , Natural Mink Lashes Wholesale and Dramatic Lashes Wholesale with competitive wholesale price.

This is our Luxury Mink Lashes show , and if you want to order Mink Eyelashes Wholesale, you can add whatsapp008613465813039 to order now.


First , we supply top grad 100% hand made mink lashes in the world.

Our Mink Lash Wholesale (https://www.emmalash.com)are different than the ordinary ones and they are sold in the market. And if you want to have test which one is much better and easily sold out, you can add whatsapp008613465813039 to order the sample to test the quality and market. You will get the answer by yourself.


So do you know why our Luxury Mink Lashes Wholesale are different than the others ?

1st Advanced technology

This is the main reason that we can do good in this eyelash industry. And we use safe physical method to produce Eyelashes Wholesale not chemical way to ensure each pair of lashes are safe .

2nd Easy to apply.

Our luxury mink lashes can easy apply on , and the band is not only soft but also shaped perfect with the eye. So they can easily apply on your eyes and can not fall down easily.

3rd Strict QC.

We have three quality checks the quality from the raw material to product to ensure the high quality.

In addition, all Eyelash Wholesale are sterile, which are safe, no irritation, do no harm to your eye and skin.


4th Light weight.

You will feel no eyelashes on your eye when you put on our luxury lashes, and they are so light and soft, so you can feel them without any weight.
And our eyelashes help to relieve eye strain and disease.

5th Leading the fashion.

Fashionable style lashes are all design by our own famous designer, and our designers in China are leading the world in this field.

Although there are many Eyelash Wholesale Suppliers copying us to produce our styles in the market, but they just copy the style, and they can not copy the soul of our luxury Mink lash Wholesale.

As we post before, the creativity and soul of our designers cannot be stolen easily. And if you’re a professional buyer, you can spot it easily.

If you have no idea about how to distinguish the bad one and the luxury one, you can Click here to get more professional knowledge and you can add whatsapp008613465813039 to get the answer directly.


Second, all the lashes are the hot style.

Your Lashes Wholesale Vendor may say they have too many style for you to choose, and when you make a 3D Mink Lashes Bulk Order, you will fine they can’t sold out easily.

Why ?

Because those Lash Wholesale are not the hot style in the market, and they just do not know the market very well.

But our luxury lashes are all hot one, not matter which one you choose, you will find the market. And they can sold out easily with competitive retail price.

Our Lashes Wholesale Price is low, but the retail price is much more competitive than the ordinary one, Lashes Vendor can get back the money easily with a good profits.

If you want to spend less and get more , you can’t miss our Luxury Eyelashes Wholesale. It is a good choice to cooperate with Helena Lashes.


Instead , if you choose a Cheap Wholesale Mink Lashes with little money, and people won’t buy them or never buy them next time, you will lost your money and customer, finally , you lost your opportunity and market.

What a pity!

Emma Lashes, we are not a Lashes Wholesale Vendor and Eyelashes Factory, we also a Lashes Market Research Agency, we have the sale data , and we do know which style is hot in your local market, and which length is popular in which country.

So trust us and choose us to be your Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor will be a good decision.

Third , the price of 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale.

The price of our Lashes Wholesale is much more competitive than the other Lashes Wholesale Suppliers.

The price of our luxury 25MM Mink Lashes Wholesale is $3 to $12 according to the style and quantity.

The price of our 13-18mm Natural Mink Lashes Wholesale is $2 to $6 according to style and quantity.

In fact , our Lashes Wholesale Price is not the high one, but the most competitive one with top grade quality.

And the retail of our luxury lashes is 15-35 USD, our customers will get a big profit margin.

We treat every customer sincerely and share our profits with our partner. So more and more Mink Lashes Vendor would choose Helena  Lashes to be their Wholesale Lashes Vendor.

wholesale 3D mink lashes vendor and manufacturer (36)
wholesale 3D mink lashes vendor and manufacturer (36)

Fourth , More humane service system.

We have been working hard to solve customers’ practical problems. we set up many customer service departments to meet our Wholesale Lashes customer needs.

We just want to produce unique style lashes and provide unique best service to our customer ,and we will do much better and more than your Wholesale Mink Lash Vender, if you want to know what we can do for you , you can follow our post to get more , and anything we can do for you , you can contact with us whatsapp008613465813039 to get more information about Wholesale 3D Mink Lash and Custom Eyelash Packaging .

If you want to make a Bulk 3D Mink Lashes Order Wholesale , Emma Lashes will supply top grade luxury quality and competitive Wholesale Lashes Price to you .

More cooperation welcome feel free add whatsapp008613465813039 .

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