3D Mink Lashes Private Label

OFFICIAL MINK LASHES wholesale 3d mink lashes vendor and China Eyelash Manufacturer help you how to start a 3D Mink lashes business line with 13-18 20 25mm lashes

If you want to Start Your Eyelashes Business Line with little money ,you should know about Private Label, Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor, that would be much cheaper than Custom Packaging Box.

Three advantages if you choose Mink Eyelashes Private Label helpyou start a lash business .

The first one is cheap.

Usually it need little money than Custom Lashes Packaging Boxes,if you choose label sticker, and the price is 10 to 30 USD, and that would be get many logo stickers to build your own eyelashes business.

Because the material is much cheaper than custom magetic box, so if you just start your lashes business line, you should pay little money to test your market ,and once you open your market, and you will have to build your Lashes Brand, and do custom packaging box to let your customer remember you and your lashes brand.Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor

The second one is easy put on your box.

In fact the label sticker is made of special paper ,the first floor of the paper is the quality paper that can print on them ,the second floor is made of glue paper ,when your separate them out you can easily put them on your regular box.

logo design eyelash and lashes
logo design eyelash and lashes

The third one is that the private label production time.

we will product the 3D Mink Lashes Private Label ,also you can put them on the surface of the box easily,and they looks much better than no logo box.

Usually  we will print the logo sticker within 4 Hours and when the private logo sticker is finishes we will put them on the tray or custom box to check the effect.

All  those you do, you just want to said to people , hey, guys, this is my Lashes Business Line, and I just start my business line , and I will provide you Best Mink Lashes with good price with our custom packaging box, and if you just use for individual and personal use, please choose my Luxury Mink Lashes.

what the importance thing is you must have the best lashes, and make sure your lashes style are all hot style , and make a reasonable good retail price. 

You will win the market with top quanlity lashes!

All in all , you should know about this craft and the production time is much shorter than custohttp://www.minklashesvendor.comm packaging boxes.

Because time is money, so if you want to save more time you should contact us whatsapp008615589878355