How To Choose The Color Of Lashes Box?

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When you build your own brand , you should also do Custom Eyelash Box to make your Eyelash Brand be more professional.3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor Emma Lashes 25 MM Mink eyelash Manufacturer And Supplier from China focus on mink eyelash

And you should choose the correct color of your Eyelash Custom Packaging Box .

Before you choose the color of your Lashes box your should know the meaning of the color.

Today , Emma Lashes will share the meaning of the color ,and you will know the meaning of the color, and when you build your Mink Eyelash brand, you will choose the perfect color you love and your customer will love them very much.

Also , you should know how to march the correct color from a psychological point of view. As you know different colors have different meanings . so you should know your customer, the age of your customer.

Color preferences can be used to judge a person’s disposition,

Red .

Means enthusiasm,vivacity,publicity, and also easy to encourage courage, but also very easy to get angry. So many young people would like this passion color ,such as supreme, the logo is consist of red and white, with passion and vivacity. So if your target audience is young people , you can make your custom packaging box with red and white which will looks very beautiful and young.


Means fashion,youth,dynamic,and there is a feeling of vitality, blazing life, and the sun is also orange.


Means quiet, free,fresh,and some Europe countries as a symbol of national loyalty. So if you like this color and meaning you may try to choose this color to design your 3D Mink Lashes box.


If you like to choose green , that will means fresh ,healthy and hopeful , and it is a symbol of life, so if you choose this color , your eyelash should be safe, and without any irritation and chemical smells ,and your MINK LASHES should be Luxury Lashes, so make your that your Mink Lashes Wholesale Manufacturer supply top grade Mink Eyelash.


Which is a little bit of cute and mysterious,and it is noble and elegant,but also represents extraordinary status. Purple also has a noble and elegant meaning, full of mystery,and it is the color of the western emperor.

So some customer would like to order purple box with mast ,which give a mystery appearance.

May be you can have a try to design your mystery EYELASHES BOXES.


Means deep, oppressive,solemn, and often be used in formal occasions.


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