How much do mink strip lashes cost?

If you want to become a lash vendor, you should know which style lashes are the best lashes in the market to meet the need of your customer. And you will choose Strip Lashes Wholesale to be the first choice, because it is the best lashes in the market, very popular in the market. What is the most important thing is that you should know the cost of the mink strip lashes, the budget of your order , how many lashes could you buy to start your lashes business line .Helena lashes will show you the details about the cost of the 3D Mink Strip Eyelashes.

1 What are mink strip lashes?

Mink strip lashes are lashes that are made of mink fur. It has a soft band made of cotton, and you can put on them by yourself. Those the reason why so many girls loves Individual Mink Strip Lashes.

Mink Strip Eyelash have different lengths, such as 25MM Mink Strip Lashes, 20MM mink strip lashes, and natural mink strip lashes.

2 How much are mink strip lashes wholesale?

Strip mink lashes are much more expensive than the other lashes in the market.

There are two main reasons:

First, material.

All the raw materials are mink fur. which is much expensive than human hair, horsehair, silk, or other synthetic material.

Second, craft.

All the mink strip lashes are made by hand instead of the machine. So it cost too much time to produce them.

When it comes to the price of mink strip lashes, you should know which style of mink strip eyelash do you want to buy.

If you buy natural mink Strip Lashes Wholesale the wholesale price from 3-6 USD for each pair if you order luxury mink strip lashes.

If you buy 20MM 3D Mink Strip Lashes, the wholesale price varies from 4 to 7 USD according to the quality and the quantity you order.

And if you order the 25MM Long Dramatic Strip Mink Lashes, the wholesale price is 5 to 9 USD.

So you can buy your Wholesale Strip Mink Lashes Strip you can check how many lashes you can order from the market. And if you know the retail price in the market, you will know the profit of the 3D mink lashes business.

3 How to make mink strip lashes.

First, design the eyelash.

All the mink strip lashes we produce are all designed by our own designer. So our luxury mink lashes are unique in the market.

Second, the structure of the mink strip lashes.

We will produce the structure drawings according to the design paper.

Our skilled workers will put mink fur one by one on the structural drawings.

Third, fixed with lashes band.

We will put on the lashes on the soft band.

Fourth, make the 3D effect.

We will use physical craft to make the 3D effect, and our craft is safe and unique in the market. And the 3D effect is perfect can last a long time.

So if you are interested in how to make the 3D mink lashes, you can add whatsapp8619953275649 to know more.

4 How many styles of mink strip lashes in the market?

As you know, so many styles and lengths you can choose in the market.  The different structure makes a different style in the market.

And we will update the style of the mink strip lashes when we finish testing the market.

Because we just sell the popular style in the market. And then will be about 200 kinds of mink strip lashes.


5 Where to find mink strip lashes vendor?

Too many ways to find your strip mink lashes vendor in the network and platform. You can use Google to find your Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes Vendor.

Most of the wholesale mink strip lashes vendors come from China. And you can come to China to find your Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes Manufacturer. And if you want to buy Cheap Mink Strip Lashes, you can add Whatsapp8613465813039 to make the right order. And will give you a good wholesale price you.

We will supply top-grade luxury mink strip lashes to you at a competitive wholesale price.

6 Why do Siberian mink strip lashes wholesale so popular in the market?

Real Siberian mink strip lashes are vivid and soft, we use young mink fur which is long and fluffy. And also, we make the luxury mink lashes by hand, and the other material lashes are made by machine.
So the mink strip lashes are so popular in the market. And girls love them very much. especially the 25MM mink strip lashes, very popular in the market. If you want to know more kinds of lashes and if you want to get to the popular catalog, you can add whatsapp8613465813039.

7 How to clean mink strip lashes?

You may have two ways to clean your mink strip lashes.

The first way, you can wash your lashes with warm water by your hand.

And the second way you can use Eyelash Washing Machine with warm water.

So if you want to make a good bulk mink strip lashes order, you can choose Emma Lashes to be your Wholesale Strip Lashes Vendor, we are the best mink strip lashes factory.

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