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More and more people would like to find the Eyelash Factory to start their lashes business line , but they don’t know how to find the Lashes Factory . And today , Helena Lashes will help you to find your own lashes factory and vendor in the market. And we will show the whole lashes industry to you, so you can known the lashes market very well.

1 Distribution of eyelash factories in the world.

There are so many lashes factories in the market. All the lashes factories are located in developing country because the lashes industry is belong labour concentrated industry .

wholesale lashes vendor emma lashes
wholesale lashes vendor Helena lashes

First , China Lashes Factory

China is the birth place of the eyelashes. Which has the mature craft and the developed modelling technology.

You can easily find your lashes vendor in China , and they will supply good lashes to you with competitive wholesale price.

So if you want to buy top grade luxury mink lashes , you should choose China Lashes Vendor.

Second , India Lashes Factory.

India has abundant human hair resources because woman usually have long hair. And China hair vendor and lashes vendor import human hair lashes from India.

So if you want to order human hair eyelash , India Human hair lashes will be a good choice.

Three ,North Korean Factory

North Korean Factory usually do the first basic work . They don’t have core technology, such as dyeing technique and modeling technology.
And most China Lashes Factory would like to import the lashes from North Korean, and they don’t have QC team . so that as we said , they can’t control the whole process.

Fourth , Southeast Asia eyelash factory.

The Lashes Manufacturer from Southeast is to some extent as same as India Lashes Suppliers. There are abundant human resources and cheap labor.

So some people would like to purchase human hair lashes from Southeast Asia eyelash factory.

mink eyelash manufacturer China emma lashes feedback
mink eyelash manufacturer China Helena lashes feedback

2 Who is the best lashes factory in the world?

If you have a lashes business line , you should know which material your customer like , and you should know which style do your customers like.

More and more people would like to purchase 3D Mink Lashes from their mink lashes factory.

Because 3D mink lashes is soft, gorgeous, vivid and natural , with gorgeous appearance.

So if you do 3D Mink lashes business line, you should choose China lashes vendor, only they can best mink lashes with competitive wholesale price.

And if you do low quality lashes business with little money, you can choose the others which are made by machine. That will be very cheap .

But you should know your market, and know your customer , which lashes and style do them like ?

It is the key point to choose your lashes vendor instead of choosing the cheapest lashes. Otherwise ,you will lose your customer , you will lose your market, you will lose your money .
Is that right?

3 The production chain of eyelash factory

First , raw material .

As we said before, India and Southeast Asia are the origin of human hair, because woman have long hair .
Siberia is a very famous origin of mink hair, which is fluffy ,smooth ,soft and long which is a very precious raw material for eyelashes.

Second, first Processing.

Most of the lashes factory would like to choose North Korean Lashes Factory to do this work because this work is very slow and need too much time to do it because of the low labor costs in North Korea.

But for us , we do all this job by ourselves in order to make a perfect eyelash. Our skilled worker can only do ten pairs luxury lashes a day.

So our Luxury Lashes is different than the normal one in the market. If you want to know the difference of the luxury mink lashes you can add WhatsApp to get the secret.

Third, core technology.

Most lashes factory will use chemical liquid to do the 3D effect , because of the low cost and short time.

But we don’t do that because the chemical liquid do harm to your eye and skin to some extent. And we use  physical heat treatment to make the 3D effect and curl. So our lashes is safe and the true harmless and non-toxic eyelashes. If you want to know more lashes industry secret you can add whatsapp8615589878355 to get the information.

Helena -lashes-factory-wholesale-3d-mink-lashes-with-custom-packaging

4 Classification of eyelash factories

First , distinguish from product material.

We can divide eyelash factory into mink eyelash factory, fiber eyelash factory, human hair eyelash factory, magnet eyelash factory.

Usually the eyelash factory can do all these material lashes.

Second, distinguish from the craft.

We can divide the eyelash factory into hand made factory and machine factory.

The first one is make all the lashes by hand ,which is slow but gorgeous appearance.

And the machine factory make lashes by eyelash machine, which is fast and cheap.

Different customer different taste. So you can test each material and style in your market, and you will test which material is the best one .

wholesale 3D mink lashes
wholesale 3D mink lashes

5 How to choose your lashes factory?

There are three types Lashes Vendor in the market.

First , lashes trading company.

They supply you wholesale mink lashes service to you, and provide professional wholesale service with reasonable wholesale price. Which has low MOQ, if you are a beauty blogger , makeup artist, or house woman who want to start your 3D mink lashes vendor , you can find one to be our lashes vendor .

Second, Lashes Factory.

Usually the lashes factory have high MOQ, but with low price. Although they are cheap but you still would pay too much money to buy bulk orders.

And many Lashes trading company buy bulk orders from the Lashes factory, and then they sell to the customer all over the world.

And the lashes factory do not know the market. They just buy the raw material from the North Korean and then do the 3D effect and sold to the trading company.

Of course , all we said is the cheap one with poor quality.

Third, top grade luxury mink lashes manufacturer.

Few eyelash factory can do this as we do .we are a professional lashes manufacturer who sale the top grade luxury mink lashes directly to our customer.

We have our own office and factory, we just produce the luxury mink lashes and sell to the world by ourselves in order to build our brand.

Form the material to the finished product, we pay all our time and energy to make a perfect mink lashes.

Because we have our great team. Our work is hard, and we supply 24H service. All we do is just want every lady use the 100% Real Mink Lashes and show the beauty and personality of the woman.

And this is why so many USA Lashes Vendor choose Helena Lashes to be their Lashes Supplier.

5 The importance of your lashes factory

First ,supply top grade luxury lashes and top service.

They can solve all the issues you meet in the market. If you choose a bad Eyelash Supplier, they just sell the lashes to you , and they will do nothing but sales.

Second , help you make more profits.

They can help you create more market value and earn more customers.

Top luxury lashes is your brand and people will buy the lashes first and then choose customer service. And you will get more and more customer from the market with your luxury mink lashes.

Third , build your brand .

If you want to build your lashes brand and let more and more people know your business line, you should let your customer know your lashes first and then they will love your product ,and remember your brand .

Fourth, help you quickly occupy the market.

A good eyelash can show the charming appearance and gorgeous of the woman. And people won’t buy the other lashes if then choose your luxury mink lashes.

6 where do you find your lashes manufacturer?

It is a easy way to find your lashes vendor through the internet.

First ,Google.

You can get the easy and right answer from Google, such as you can search the keyword Lashes Vendor , and you will find too many lashes manufacturer from the web, what you should do if to identify them and choose a best mink lashes vendor.

Second, You tube.

Too many Lashes Manufacturer have their You Tube channel , and you can find the lashes vendor you like , and then find them , and send your inquiry.

Third , Facebook.

You can search them by Facebook ,and you can see them by portrait. And contact with them.

And you can also choose Pinterest, Linked in .etc.

7 How to negotiate with your eyelash factory?

When you find your lashes vendor ,and saw the catalog , what should you do next ?

First, mark the style you like.

Different style different price. You should let your vendor which style do you like.

Second, quantity.

Make sure that your vendor know the quantity you want to order ,and they will check the cost for you.

Third, target price.

You should let your lashes manufacturer know your budget and target price. If your vendor hard to satisfy you ,  you can add the quantity to get a lower wholesale price.

Fourth, make a sample order before you make the bulk order .

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