How To Distinguish Eyelashes Trade Company And Lashes Factories?

Today , we will help you choose the best vendor for you , usually there are many vendors in the market ,some are trade companies ,and some are eyelash manufacturers and factories , which is better? How to distinguish them?


The first way is to visit their factory

if they have factory they would welcome you to visit and if they said they are busy and have different kinds of reasons to stop you , you should know this issue.

And if you meet vendors in exhibition, some of them are Eyelash Trade Company and some are Eyelash Factory ,

you should observe the exhibition, if the Mink Lashes Vendor put too poster and few EYELASH , that would be a trade company , if they are Lashes Factory they will take a lot of lashes in the exhibition .

The third way is that you can ask they something about the craft and the production and where do they purchase semi-finished product?


Maybe you will get your answer, if they have no idea about this, and they know to much about styles , they maybe lashes trade company, and if they said then import semi-finished lashes from North Korea , they are traditional factory , and few factory can do this by themself .

If you visit our factory , you will see our skilled artists do all the things by themselves. So we can control the quality.

If you want to purchase in the exhibition you should be careful , you may purchase some samples and test the quality , you may find most of them said they can be used for about 25X, so you should do an experiment and then make cooperation with them.

wholesale 3d mink lashes facory-1
wholesale 3d mink lashes facory-1

Because all of the trade company and manufacturer said this ,but they can’t promise. Only luxury lashes can afford this test.

The forth you can ask for something about the factory

The factory location,floor space,the number of the employees, and ask for some factory picture. And the salesman should answer all the data and question immediately , if they are factory they will have this exact data.

The fifth you can see by the shipping time and the stability of eyelash

If they have their own factory the shipping time is short and efficient ,and the factory will produce their own article number which is different than trade company.

wholesale 3d mink lashes factory emma lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes factory emma lashes

The sixth way is that you can ask the vendor tell something about the origin of eyelashes.

So more tips welcome to contact us whatsapp008613465813039. we will help you get more about the details.

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