How To Distinguish Eyelashes Trade Company And Lashes Factories?

3d mink lashes wholesale vendors emma lashes and eyelash factory and manufacturer from China help you start your eyelash business with 25mm

Today , we will help you choose the best vendor for you , usually there are many vendors in the market ,some are trade companies ,and some are eyelash manufacturers and factories , which is better? How to distinguish them?


The first way is to visit their factory

if they have factory they would welcome you to visit and if they said they are busy and have different kinds of reasons to stop you , you should know this issue.

And if you meet vendors in exhibition, some of them are Eyelash Trade Company and some are Eyelash Factory ,

you should observe the exhibition, if the Mink Lashes Vendor put too poster and few EYELASH , that would be a trade company , if they are Lashes Factory they will take a lot of lashes in the exhibition .

The third way is that you can ask they something about the craft and the production and where do they purchase semi-finished product?


Maybe you will get your answer, if they have no idea about this, and they know to much about styles , they maybe lashes trade company, and if they said then import semi-finished lashes from North Korea , they are traditional factory , and few factory can do this by themself .

If you visit our factory , you will see our skilled artists do all the things by themselves. So we can control the quality.

If you want to purchase in the exhibition you should be careful , you may purchase some samples and test the quality , you may find most of them said they can be used for about 25X, so you should do an experiment and then make cooperation with them.

wholesale 3d mink lashes facory-1
wholesale 3d mink lashes facory-1

Because all of the trade company and manufacturer said this ,but they can’t promise. Only luxury lashes can afford this test.

The forth you can ask for something about the factory

The factory location,floor space,the number of the employees, and ask for some factory picture. And the salesman should answer all the data and question immediately , if they are factory they will have this exact data.

The fifth you can see by the shipping time and the stability of eyelash

If they have their own factory the shipping time is short and efficient ,and the factory will produce their own article number which is different than trade company.

wholesale 3d mink lashes factory emma lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes factory emma lashes

The sixth way is that you can ask the vendor tell something about the origin of eyelashes.

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mink lashes wholesale bulk

Usually , you will make a 3D Mink Lashes sample order first to test the style and quality , and what should you do when you get your Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes orders? In this post , we will share the skills for you to help you how distinguish the best lashes and bad lashes.

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Can you place the Bulk 3D Mink Lashes Order after confirming the sample?


In the internet era, trust is the foundation. But building the trust takes a process.

To avoid falling into the sample trap, you should be more careful. Many of my customer said to Emma Lashes , that many Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor send them the good Eyelash sample ,and when they make the Bulk 3D Mink Eyelashes orders , they are different that the sample order.

So we advice you be careful to make the bulk order , and if you have no idea about how to make the bulk order , you can ask our salesman to get help whatsapp008613465813039.

And when you receive the sample you should test the lashes sample and if you want to know how to test the quality of the Eyelash sample, you can read the helpful blog and post , you will find the answer.

Also you can directly ask our salesman whatsapp008613465813039 and you will get the answer immediately.

And the best way is that you come to China , and find you Wholesale Mink Lashes Manufacturer to help you produce your unique style , and you will occupy your local market with you unique style.

And there many skills tip in the negotiation progress ,and welcome follow our website , and leave a message to us, we will answer all you want to know about the lashes and custom packaging box .

How To Buy Mink Lashes Wholesale

Wholesale Luxury 3D Mink Lashes Vendor Helena Lashes

If you want to do lashes business , first of all, congratulations on making the right decision, and the Lashes Business is very hot in the world with promising market. And the ladies love the 3D Mink Lashes very much, there’s a huge market in the eye makeup field.

  1. If you want to buy Mink Lashes Wholesaleand place Bulk Eyelash Orders,you should know where is your Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelash Vendors .

Excellent Eyelash Wholesaler and Manufacturer must be in China. And China is the birthplace of the 3D Mink Eyelash in the world. There are many 3D Mink Lashes Vendor and Mink Eyelash Wholesale Factories in Qingdao.

False Eyelash have a long history and mature technology in China. Compared to the other countries, Chinese Eyelashes are more quality-assured.

So if you want to find your Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendors you should know which style of Mink Lashes Wholesale do you want to buy.

  1. How do you identify your target products and your target customers?

Maybe you have already have your target customers when you decide to do lashes business.

If you’re a makeup artist. Then your market must have something to do with weddings and fashion. Then you have the responsibility to lead the fashion and bring the Real 3D Mink Lashes to your customer and Eyelash Market.

If you are a student, the your target customer may be your schoolmate . so they might like Dramatic Lashes and 25 MM Lashes and Natural Lashes .

The first thing you should consider the students’ consumption level and purchasing power. Man be you could order some Faux Mink Lashes and Fiber Lashes or Plastic Lashes to satisfy your students’ market.

If you are a housewife , and you just want to Start Your Own Lash Business Line, you can easily open a store at home. And just join in Emma Lashes ,and add whatsapp008613465813039 to get help , and we will help you choose your domain and build your website, design your logo and professional Custom Packaging Eyelash Box also we will supply you the best and hottest fashion Mink 3D Eyelash in the world .

Of course, if you have a store, you should clearly know what your customer would like and which style do they love? Be sure to pay close attention to your sales data and the quantity of the customer complaints.

If your sales are down , quickly find the reason and fix it. There are mainly two reasons you met, the first one is that your style goes out of fashions. The second one is that your Lashes are bad lashes . what’s worse, the customer will ask you to make a claim if there is a quality problem.

So what should you do is to maintain your brand.

  1. After you confirm your style and orientation. The next thing is to send the information to your Wholesale Mink Eyelash Manufacturer. They will find the exact style to you.

So choosing a good supplier is very important. But how to distinguish the best Lashes Vendor and Bad Lashes Vendor, you can read the post we have already sent. And you can also add whatsapp008613465813039 to get help.

When they confirm your style , they will send your sample to check the style and quality.

More details welcome add whatsapp008613465813039 to get more info.